Hollingsworth International Financial Services Ltd

Investment Advice

We have been providing investment advice in Malta since 2004 and in Cyprus since 2008. Our range of clients range from individuals and couples who are retired or nearing retirement and require their finances professionally managed to younger people who are planning for specific goals such as retirement, education fees. We also advise corporations and Trusts on investment matters with clients including Provident Funds (Cyprus) and International Trustees. Regardless of the underlying investor, we adopt the same rigorous approach to developing and maintaining any investment portfolio. We use a combination of fund management groups, specialist investment funds and unique structured products to develop a well-diversified portfolio. As we treat everyone as an individual, we take great care in ensuring the suitability of our recommendations at every stage in the process. We provide an advisory service which means that our commitment to you is to continually update you and make recommendations over the life time of your portfolio.