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Retiring to Cyprus

Q, We retired to Paphos last year and at the time, decided to keep our home in the UK, rather than immediately purchase in Cyprus. We have rented for the last year due to the uncertainty with the local property market and because we were unsure whether we […]

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The £1 trillion pension crisis

Pressure is mounting on the UK Government to oversee an overhaul of Britain’s company pension schemes in which more than 11million workers have savings. It comes as these “final salary” occupational schemes are registering their biggest ever funding shortfall, now at almost £1 trillion. This sum is […]

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Investing in uncertain markets

Investors approach volatile markets in different ways. Some see opportunities in attempting to time the market, taking investment risk when they expect markets will rise and reducing risk by heading for cash when the market is likely to fall. This is a risky approach because there are no […]

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BREXIT and Interest Rates

Increases in UK State Pensions, healthcare, right to own property … just some of the questions on everyone’s lips as natural concerns are raised by all of us that left the UK to settle in Cyprus.
At the time of writing, the UK has just elected a new […]

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